Diving Center Viking Hvar

Diving Center

Diving base is situated in a charming bay, only 15m distant from the sea. It's emerged in green and from the terrace you can really enjoy the exceptionally attractive view of the sea and "Pakleni" islands in front.

Our Team

Our professional team always do its best to give a personal approach to our divers and make every effort to offer you a quality service at affordable prices. Your safety and enjoyment are our first priority.


Our 8m long motor boat takes 12 divers with gear.The platform and steps are designed for easy going in and out of water. We also use a 6 meter RIB Novamarine with 115 HP Mariner when this type of craft is required. It takes up to 8 divers. Our boats carry all necessary emergency equipment. First rate rental equipment MARES, BEUCHAT, SCUBAPRO... can guarantee your diving pleasure.The "silent work" compressor with capacity of 400 lit/min helps us to take care of always high quality air we provide with. The tanks are 12 & 15 lit capacity, made of steel. We can fill 300 bars tanks as well.

Diving Center Viking Diving Center Viking
Diving Center Viking

Divers Alert Network

Flying after diving DAN recommendation for No-Decompression Dives:
  • A single no-decompression dive: A minimum preflight surface interval of 12 hours is suggested.
  • Multiple dives per day or multiple days of diving: A minimum preflight surface interval of 24 hours is suggested. DAN is an international non-profit foundation which helps divers in difficulty and conducts scientific research aimed at bringing about grater safety in diving.
DAN, as essential as your mask and fins!

Diving Courses

Safety and Regulations

  • In Croatia you may dive with a registered dive center or individually after buying a diving permit.
  • Diving instructors and divemasters working in Croatia should pass an official exam and obtain a Government license.
  • Each diver has to present proof of qualification (certification card and/or a log book).
  • All divers have to read and sign liability release.
  • Written parental / guardian consent is required for all divers under age 18.
  • Minimum age for participating scuba diving is 14/ or 12-14 at a discretion of the Instructor.
  • In Diving Center VIKING all excursions are guided by experienced diving professionals.
  • If you are over 45 yrs of age you will need a doctor's certificate to participate scubadiving activities.
  • All dives are planned within non-decompression limits and feature a 3-5 meter safety stop.
  • During all dive excursions a first aid kit, oxygen kit, mobile phone, radio-station and emergency contact numbers are always present.
Your safety and enjoyment are our first priority!

On Hvar Island, emergency medical transport are mostly carried out by helicopter. Some divers could be interested to know that the helicopter landing zone is only 5 minutes drive from Viking Diving Center and it takes 10-15 minutes for the helicopter to reach the hospital in Split, a part of which is The Institute for Hyperbaric Medicine, equipped by modern decompression chambers and highly professional and experienced specialist doctors.
Diving Center Viking DAN
Diving Center Viking Hvar